Crow Valley Band

Live Country Music

Meet the Band

Kevin - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Doctors have recently discovered that Kev has an extra brain hidden underneath his cowboy hat, and it is there that he keeps the words for all the Country songs that he knows.

As well as singing, Kev plays a Godin electro-acoustic guitar - like Shania Twain, it was made in Canada.

Dave - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Dave once toured the continent in an Abba tribute band, but he has put away the white knee-length boots and satin mini-skirt to play Country.

If you are ever having trouble sleeping, ask Dave what all the knobs and switches on his guitar are for.

Country & Western name: Brock

Graeme - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Graeme was front-man and guitarist with Country trio Diamonds & Dirt before throwing in his lot with the Crow Valley Band. He still finds time to play guitar and bass as a 'dep' with other bands. 

Favourite Country artist: Rodney Crowell

Tony - Drums & Vocals

Tony has been playing Country Music so long that he remembers writing out the set list on a slate! He has also been seen bashing the skins for acts such as Boxcar Kelly and Ian Highland.

Favourite Country artist: the late great Merle Haggard

"Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment at our festival. A really good night of good country music."

- Email from Kath and John after our show at the Abilene Country Music Festival on 14 July 2018